Surviving a Damaged or Lost Indian Passport

February 11th, 2008

I’d like to thank all the contributors for sharing their insights and experiences to help others.


Before anything else. Here’s a word of advice. Don’t Panic.

I was all ready. Finally After 1 year 4 months and some days… I was going back home. Approximately 15 days before my flight, It had to happen. I sent my passport for a wash with the rest of my laundry, dried it even. Needless to say, It came as quite the shock. I was in a daze for a bit.

A month & a lot of $$’s later and I’m back to square one, I’ll tell you what needs to be done and how.

Locate all your relevant identification documents and make copies of all that are needed when reapplying, If you have a xerox of the original state of the passport, That’ll come in handy.

Locate the nearest consulate. Since I live in Massachusetts, I had to travel to New York. The consulate in New York has jurisdiction over the states of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, Vermont and Virgin Islands.

If its New York for you, Don’t bother trying to call. Its very unlikely you’ll get through to anyone, and if you do you won’t get much out of it.

If you are in school, you have to notify the International Students and Scholars office (ISSO) in your school, They’ll be your best friends for the coming few days / weeks. They’ll inspect your passport and will tell you exactly what your options are.
The Boston University website has a fairly informative section devoted to instructions to follow in case you’ve lost / damaged your passport. Here is the link – you might want to read this, whichever university you are from. Replacing Your I-20, Passport, I-94 or F-1 Visa

If the I-94 number is intact (Not the Date of Entry Stamp but the I-94 Unique ID which is printed on the top left), I wouldn’t recommend the steps mentioned at the BU website for replacing the I-94, Which suggest you pay 320$ and fill the USCIS Form I-102 and mail it to the Dept. Of Homeland Security with all the relevant docs etc. This is an expensive affair and it could take at least 2 months for them to send a replacement. [Update: As of 2013, you will retrieve your I-94 from]

Instead, If you are traveling home anytime soon, or anywhere out of the country, You can still use your valid albeit damaged i-94 as the number is valid. And upon reentry you get a spanking new i-94.

Since I had to apply for my OPT soon, Waiting 2 months was not an option.

The Consulate:
You can get directions to the office and a list of all the required docs etc for applying for a new/replacement passport from the Consulate Website. Passports photo rules are clearly not very strict when applying for Indian passports here, just make sure you have enough. The fee for getting a new passport is 125$, They won’t permit you any tatkal service for a lost damaged passport when you apply at the counter (I don’t care what the website states, and evidently neither do the people working at the counters) but you have to present your case.

You should be there well ahead of time, I suggest atleast half hour before the counters open. Pick up a waiting queue slip and be prepared to idle around for a while. A long while. When at the counter, present all the documents that are needed. Have exact change. After that you’ll be stripped of all identity and be handed a little receipt with a telephone number to call in two weeks to inquire about the status of your application. Don’t run away yet, If you need it back urgently, hustle over to Information (counter 7) and ask for an appointment, you’ll be handed a form and if you’ve been lucky and are able to hand in this form before 11 am. You should be alloted an interview slot soon. Or atleast after the lunch break :1:00-1:45. When called for the interview have any documents that will expedite the process, handy, If you have a flight to catch, have your ticket ready. If all goes well, you should be asked to collect your passport Friday at 4:30.

Take a deep breath.

Note: I’ll keep updating, adding to this post as I find the time. You probably want to book mark this page.

173 Responses to “Surviving a Damaged or Lost Indian Passport”

  1. ripjeet Says:

    this post is very very help ful…..but one more thins…..what abt the visa…..i am going for the new passport day after tomorrow

  2. dinesh.jamwal Says:


    You’ll be fine as long as you have your passport and any other supporting documents (For students that would be the I-20). You wouldn’t need to provide a valid visa until you seek reentry into the US.

    Since you can only procure a new US visa abroad, the next time you travel overseas or back home, you will need to visit the American Consulate and they will asses weather you need a replacement visa or if the one you have is valid.

    Since I was traveling back home, I checked with the US Consulate in New Delhi regarding my damaged US Visa (as per the instructions on their website), and was asked, unexpectedly, to reapply as they found its condition unsatisfactory for reentry.

    If you need the visa urgently, Find out sources who can verify the validity of your damaged visa and act accordingly. You would need to travel outside of the US to get the visa in any of the cases.

  3. Ripjeet Says:

    thanks a lot. But can you tell me that where in new delhi did you get the visa checked. Is it US embassy or the counslate in Nehru Place……are you aware of any place in US where i can get that validated.
    anyways thanks a lot….i will be going to New York tomorrow….i’ll reach the embassy by 8:30 morning…..Is it OK or do i need to go earlier

  4. dinesh.jamwal Says:

    I think the Nehru Place location is just a VFS distribution center, You’d have to go to the US Embassy in Shantipath, Chanakyapuri.

    I’m afraid I don’t know where exactly you would have to inquire about the visa, but since this is an Immigration issue, You might want to find out from the airport in New York and take it from there.

    And 8:30 is good, All the Best!

  5. Ripjeet Says:

    thanks a lot……I’ll go to the airport and get it checked…..

  6. Ripjeet Says:

    man….ur blog was really helpful……got my passport……and followed all your instructions……thanks a lot

  7. Yaz Okulu Says:

    does anyone knows if there is any other information about this subject in other languages?

  8. ripjeet Says:

    no idea…..which language do u need

  9. Rahul Says:

    Can I send my passport by mail? I live in Dallas and am working cant go to Houston. The website says I can mail but is it reliable enough?

  10. dinesh.jamwal Says:

    @Rahul – Yes you can and it should take you between 10-15 days tops. As for reliability its sent via USPS certified mail if I’m not wrong, So the postage is as reliable as that. Try an stay in contact with somebody about your case.

  11. Rahul Says:

    Thanx for d quick reply!!

  12. Sriram Says:

    Really helpful……

    What if the photo is slightly damaged because of water(not that it damaged the full identity ) and all other information in the VISA page is clearly visible not damaged.

    Is there any issue in this kind of situation.

    Can any once clarify this point please.

  13. pranshu sharma Says:


    if you got answer to your question can you help me with it ..

    @everyone else (inclusive of sriram)
    i have a F1 US visa and am about to start my education this fall (flying in next 15 days). My passport’s lamination (photo page) is starting to come off from the edges (on one side the passport number’s first 3 letters are exposed). People are saying that this is also considered as a “damaged passport”. I am going to go to the RPO for verifying that but if they say that this is damaged and i need to get a new one issued, i would have to give it to them … what i wanted to know was that what happens to the VISA(s) … will they keep my old passport, will i have to get a new VISA (even if they give back the old passport)… some one please help me with this .. mail me at pranshus gmail com if you need to..

    btw great blog … cleared many of my initial doubts.

    Pranshu Sharma

  14. Siddhartha Says:

    I have the same problem as Sriram has..!! The photo on the front page has got smeared and is not clear..however, rest of the info are quite ok..!! Moreover, I’ve got the B1 US visa stamped on the same passport..!! I don’t know what to do..Can someone help me out on this??

  15. kartik Says:

    like will d passport number change if i pply for a replacement for my water damaged passport if i produce all required documents. like if they change d number will tere b d old number also nentioned on it . plz let me know soon

  16. AB Says:

    Hi All, thanks for who so ever will reply this – i am visiting USA for 3 months, and by accident i washed my Passport, now i have 15 days in hand with no passport, i am in Denver,co

    how can i mail my damaged passport and reissue a new one via mail, will the embassy mail be back my passport or i will have to go in person to apply and pick up in couple of days, how about do i have to get a new USA visa stamped or i will not need one to get back to India.

    Thanks guys

  17. bb Says:

    Can someone help me please? I am married to an American citizen, living in America, but I’m out of status and now I’ve lost my passport. What can I do? I’m terrified that I’ll have to leave the country and it’ll take me years to get back in, and I don’t want to leave my family here.

    Please Help ! Thanks !

  18. Aashka Says:

    This blog has at least given me some relief from my pre-appointment anxiety. I have an appointment at the Embassy in DC. THe information I need is pretty exhaustive but it would be great if you could answer a few more questions.
    1. DO I need to give my original documents too??
    2. DO you mean to say that if I manage to make a good case they will expedite the process?? What would be a good reason to tell an example? :–)


  19. dinesh.jamwal Says:

    @Aashka: Q1. You do not need to give your original documentation. But it is a good idea to have them handy with your copies at the time of submission.
    Q2. Yes, If you have a genuine reason they will help you out.

  20. dinesh.jamwal Says:

    @bb: Go to the consulate and seek help! ASAP!

    @ab: I believe you can do the process via mail at NY but you should confirm at the the website for the consulate for your jurisdiction.
    Please read above mentioned details (also in comments) regarding a replacing visa.

    @kartik: Your old passport is canceled. Your new one will have a stamp saying that the old one with #### number was lost/damaged and was canceled and returned.

    @pranshu sharma & Siddhartha & Sriram: You have to change the passport if lamination is worn. Soaking passports is a trick used in forgery, Not to be taken lightly.
    The Visa is valid if that is not damaged.

    Sorry for the late replies. I hope everything worked out.

  21. Chandana Says:

    I’m on F1. It’s been two months since I entered the US. My wallet was stolen and it had my passport in it. The Chicago embassy said I had to travel to to Chicago apply for a new one. I’ll be going there next week… Can you tell me if I can get it soon enough to go to India during winter break to get a new visa? Also, my school ISS guys told me that I need not apply for an I-94 right away; that either I can get it at the airport while leaving for India at no charge if I’m lucky or I will be asked to pay for it then.

    Please tell me anything in this regard you know… Thanks a lot…

  22. Aditi Says:


    I am doing my PhD in India and have to leave for a conference to US in 10 days. I soaked my passport through in the rains yesterday. Upon drying and checking, I see that the passport itself is intact, no lamination coming off, no blurring of information or photo. But the US visa itself (B1/B2) has run color from one side and the lower half of my photopgraph on the visa is yellowish. No printed details, control number, bar codes have become damaged. Where does this leave me? Thanks!!

  23. Abhijeet Ganachari Says:

    This is Abhijeet. I am on f1 status and lost my passport and this blog is really gonna help getting my passport back. I am going to India in a month. I know that I may get my passport back and there will not be any problem with the visa because I will have to get it when I get back to India. I had the I-94 in it too. Even if I spend $320 for the application I will not be getting my I-94 before I leave for India. I have the photocopies though. What should I be doing in this case. Please hep me out. I am in a clueless and terrified right now.

  24. dinesh.jamwal Says:

    @Abhijeet: don’t worry. You need have your I-94 number only. Please confirm with the airline.

  25. satish Says:

    This is satish.My passport was damaged in the laundary, when i have 13 left to leave US to india.
    Since i was in dallas,indian consulate was in houstan.I wanted to get some suggestion from them.
    So i tried calling them but they never pick up the call.Its same case with other consulate.
    San francisco consulate replied and they told finally i have to contact houstan indian consulate to find a solution. It took me 3-4 days to decide that anyhow i have to go to houstan.I went with all the documents, and together with online application form (very important) i filled, to houstan.I submited the application for new passport.Since my passport was issued from bangalore i was expecting to get new one on that day or the next day, after citing the details to consular officer. But receptionist did not allow me to meet the officer. Though i tried a lot with all the documents and showed her my itinery ticket of the next week.I had PAN card which is a proof plus damaged passport containing all the details except it was faded little by water. I gave a separate letter to consular officer throught he receptionist with a
    copy of the damaged passport. I went around 10 times to the receptionist but she didi not allow me to meet the receptionist. She simply said it cannot be done in 1-2 days ,it takes normally 7 days to get ready.I waited till 4 pm there.But failed to meet officer. It was really hate to meet them since in such situation indian consulate is denying to listen my situation, where i dont have any option there in US. Though it was my mistake my passport was damaged in wash, but it was really really shame on them when they dont listen. In the evening i catched the greyhound bus and came to dallas to join office.I told the situatio to my manager.They extended my stay booked my ticket after 10 days.I went on calling the numbers on the website to get the status of passport processing, but they never pick up.

    Every day we with manger do fax, email,call them as much as possible, but they dont pick up.
    After a week the receptionist picked up,fortunately when i requested about the status, she had same answer i think she used to say to everybody,that the “passport cannot be done in a week sir, it normally takes 3-4 weeks to finish”.A different answer than 1 week i got before. I got panic and frustrated. I said the manager.He extended my stay for another 3-4 weeks.I went on calling every day.One day somebody picked another person and he asked my name and said it has been registerd and it will take one more week, and gave another extension.
    That ext nobody calls , i tried with extension plus and minus they had given i able to call one lady, she told next week i will get passport.Next week I called,The receptionist picked again she was ready with same answer,i told him the entire situation about my last week conversation..She checked my name and said the passport is ready and will be dispatched by weekend.I requested to dispatch it by today…She rememberd my face and said ok she will do it by today.
    She done on that day i told my manager,got the ticket of next to next day,as i got pasport on next day by mail.

    So never trust on indian consulate phone numbers and make the decision as possible.
    They take normally 1-2 days to process passport .Its not a big deal for them as long as you have old passport damaged and issue is from metropolitan city.If one mange to meet consular officer,then it work wonders i think.And they take tatkal seva for fast processing.They did not tell anything and mentioned every where in website.I had to pay 125 $ plus 20$ mail express charge by fedex.
    so take care buy….

  26. priyanka Says:


    just wanted to know what happens to pp lamination. my pp is good to go till 2013 but the lamination has come off from the front and last pages.

    i have to go to ny next week but since the indian consulate is as helpful as hell, i have a couple of questions for you and i hope tha you will be able to help me out.

    how much will they charge me? how long will it take? will they need ay documents?

    any other info is also extrememly welcome.

    thanks a lot!

  27. Laxmi Iyer Says:

    Hi …
    Can anybody suggest on this issue …..
    My mother got her passport damaged in the rains . She got a new replacement one .Now she is planning to come to US to visit me but she has lost the old Damaged passport . Though she has the new one .Will the damaged one asked to be produced at any time during the visit? I have no idea where she has lost the old damaged passport .
    Will be great if any inputs on this issue .
    Thanks and Regards

  28. Arnov Says:

    Thanks for your nice and informative blog.
    I am also in a similar situation and got my passport washed in the machine.

    I have a few questions :
    1. I don’t plan to return to India before 3 months. Is there a way to apply for the duplicate passport via mail ? or shall I have to personally visit the Consulate?
    2. Do you need to get the form attested by notary even for a Damaged passport?
    3. My photograph is still clearly visible [thank God that the passport was wrapped in a polythene while in the wash-machine] but visa page photo has faded. Will it be possible to return to India with the passport and get a duplicate out there?

    Please advise. I will be waiting for your response. Thanks in advance.

  29. MehuL Says:

    hi.. i on F-1 visa here. I hv situation that i lost my passport and I-20 both. I m travelling in 10 days. I hv got new passport but just want to know ” if i can travel to india without old stamped I-20 and I-94.”
    and regarding visa do i have to get financial documents for the interview?
    Do they need any other document from college??
    thanks…waiting for reply……..

  30. Bimal Says:

    I would like to add few points regarding getting a duplicate passport in the New York consulate since I got my duplicate passport yesterday.

    Please try to be in the Consulate by 8:30 am. It opens at 9:15 am and you’ll be given a slip with serial number. Once inside the consular hall, there won’t be much of a line and a total chaos out there. You need to get your application verified by one of the 2 ladies in the front desk.
    Once they scrutinize your application, you will be asked to submit the documents in Counter 5 or 6.
    Please make sure you get your signature attested by a notary in the print-out of the on-line form. If you forget to do it, you will be asked to get it attested and then only your form will be accepted. You can get a notary in the Citibank round the corner.

    While submitting the form, please request the lady at the counter to allow for an expedited processing. She would then advise you to get an appointment with an officer. You can get an application for interview with the Front-desk ladies. Fill that up and if you can submit it within 11 am, you’ll get an appointment the very same day after 12 noon.

    Once in the interview room, the office will very likely tell you that you can get your passport the very same day if you pay the additional fee for Tatkal processing. If you agree, you will be asked to wait in the hall and they will call you for deposit of the Tatkal fee.
    After depositing the fee, you will be asked to collect your passport at 4:30 pm.

    NB : Please note that they don’t send the duplicate passport [against a damage one] by mail. It will have to be collected in person. Hence please refrain from paying the mail fee of USD 20 in the counter. I paid that but was not refunded back saying fees once paid cannot be returned even if the fault was with them [ they shouldn’t have taken it at the very first place].

  31. dinesh.jamwal Says:

    Bimal, Thank you very much for contributing your important inputs.

    Learning from your experience, one might be able to complete the job in one day even

  32. Bimal Says:

    I am not sure of other consulates and Embassy, but in NY Consulate, you can get the duplicate passport on the same day if you pay the additional Tatkal fee of USD 150.

  33. KG Says:

    Bimal: Are you certain that they do not accept mail applications for a damaged passport?
    I am planning on going to the embassy on Friday, but if they accept the application by mail i do not see any reason i should go in person. I do not need the passport immediately since I am not travelling anytime soon.
    Pls let me know so I can plan to go or not go to the embassy accordingly.

  34. Bimal Says:

    KG : The NY consulate website clearly states that the application for a duplicate passport must be made in person. They don’t accept the application by mail.

    As for the delivery of the passport, I also asked the lady in the counter to send the replacement by mail that since I don’t need it urgently. She accepted the payment of $20 as mail fee. But later I was told by the Consular officer during the interview that they don’t send the duplicate passport by mail and this MUST be collected in person.

  35. survivor Says:

    I had the lamination coming out of the edges.. when i landed in india they told it is damaged and needs replacement.. i had to fly bak in a weeks time and had no time to get into the red tape of ppo.. i took a quick fix used it and came back to US without any trble… this is from the horse mouth.. rest of the scare mongers who have never experienced such a situation shud stay away..

  36. Harpreet Says:

    Thanks so much for this blog…very useful…I followed the exact steps as recommended by youand received my passport today.

    My pet peeve would be the amount of $$ and time I had to spend on this entire process.

  37. kc Says:

    Great blog guys!!
    My passport and visa were slightly water damaged…but they were minor enough that I travelled on them 3 times with out any issues….and last month when I was flying into US from India, some idiot immigration officer gave me a tough time….apparently expecting some thing in return…..but I clearly explained him that I have already travelled on it and there were no issues any where and could make it here……now, since there is no dearth for these kind of officers in India, I dont want to take a chance and want to get a new passport. I read through all the posts but got some questions…….can some one give me some clarifications to the below questions…..

    1. When I apply for a new passport (in place of my damaged one) here in US, should I have to return my old passport?
    If yes, how about the visa in my new passport? Will there be any note/visa evidence in the new passport saying that I already have a visa?
    If I get my old passport back, will the visa on my old passport would still be valid? as they mentioned somewhere that the old passport stands cancelled….

    2. US embassy in India also has a note which says that we need to approch the embassy for them to assess the damage to the visa and if they say that I have to re apply for the visa because of the extent of damage, do I have to go through the same steps as getting a new one?

    Appreciae your response folks!!

  38. Bimal Says:

    @ kc

    1. 1. When I apply for a new passport (in place of my damaged one) here in US, should I have to return my old passport? NO..YOU DON’T HAVE TO RETURN YOUR OLD PASSPORT. THEY[INDIAN CONSULATE] WILL GIVE BACK BOTH THE PASSPORTS [ THE NEW & THE DAMAGED ONE]
    If yes, how about the visa in my new passport? Will there be any note/visa evidence in the new passport saying that I already have a visa? THEY WILL STAMP YOUR OLD PASSPORT SAYING ” PASSPORT CANCELLED BUT NOT THE VALID VISAS”
    If I get my old passport back, will the visa on my old passport would still be valid? as they mentioned somewhere that the old passport stands cancelled…. YES. VALID VISAS WILL ALWAYS BE VALID

    2. US embassy in India also has a note which says that we need to approch the embassy for them to assess the damage to the visa and if they say that I have to re apply for the visa because of the extent of damage, do I have to go through the same steps as getting a new one? YES. THE CONDITION OF THE VISA CAN ONLY BE VERIFIED BY US EMBASSY/CONSULATE. IF THEY FIND IT UNACCEPTABLE [ WHICH IS IN MY CASE] YOU NEED TO REAPPLY FOR VISA STAMPING ON YOUR NEW PASSPORT.

    Hope this helps :-)

  39. kc Says:

    It sure does dude…..thanks a lot man!

  40. Bimal Says:

    Update on my damaged visa:

    I checked with travel desk of my company and they confirmed with Consulate that my damaged visa needs a re stamping.
    Hence I applied for a new visa [ following the whole process all over] and I had my interview at Kolkata Consulate today. They granted a new visa stamping on my new passport ..

  41. Samuel Says:

    My wife’s passport lamination on the photo page pealed off. Just now she got the visa for family joining in the passport number to Oman.

    Please let me know the procedure to get another passport and weather same visa can be used?


  42. Bimal Says:

    @ Samuel :
    First let us know if your wife is in India or abroad.

    If in India, she can get a duplicate passport from any of the passport offices whose jurisdiction she belongs to.
    If she is abroad, she need to contact the nearest Indian mission/consulate/embassy and follow their procedure to get a duplicate passport.

    Please note that the Visa in her old passport will still be valid. She will just need to carry both new and old passport[ with the valid Visa on it] when she travels.

    Hope this helps.

  43. Shweta Says:

    hello there,
    ok this is my second attempt triying to post a question hope it works this time.
    after a very good day of deep sea fishing, sun bathing and loads of splashes from the sea, i came back home only to realize that my Indian “water proof bag isint all that water proof at all” everything in it got wet including my precious book that i am reading these days and also my little blue book of identity.
    after loosing a night of sleep and starving myself for a day i finally picked got the guts to see what i can find(i have found horrible details in the past for some other issues) online.
    thanks to this blog i got most of the answer of my big list on this blog, i still have a question i would like to ask.
    do i need to have a police complaint/report for this damage as i still possess my not so passport looking passport.
    thanks for your answers in advance as i am sure i would have to wait for a few days to talk to someone if i dare to call them.

  44. admin Says:

    @Shweta – Atleast you took the precaution of keeping it in a water proof bag although the best advice is to keep it under lock and key. To answer your question, you will not need to file a police report if you still have the passport albeit damaged

  45. Shweta Says:

    one more question from me.
    do they do the police check and send the cops to your neighbours house for a reissue too???
    thanks in advance

  46. Bimal Says:

    @Shewta : unfortunately, they did so in my case. About 3 months after I got my duplicate passport, cops did visit my India home for a verification.
    However, in case of one of my friend who also got a replacement against damamged passport in US, there was no police verification for him… so I would say it depends from state to state…

  47. pallavi Says:

    the lamination on the front page of my passport has come off totally though all information is visible and undamaged. I need to go to India in 2 weeks to take a new job, leaving US permanently. I am based in NYC. Is it possible for me to get replacement for damaged passport within that time? Please help.

  48. Bimal Says:

    @Pallavi : Since you’re based in NYC and your passport is otherwise intact, I think you can get a replacement on the same very day of applying. For that they charge the Tatkal fee of USD 150.

    Just get an appointment with a Consular office after submitting the application and let the office know about your urgency.

    All the best!

  49. pallavi Says:

    @Bimal thank you for your reply. I submitted the online application and it gave a date/time of tomm. Is that what you would mean by appointment?

  50. admin Says:

    @pallavi: As Bimal said, You need to make an appointment at the consulate after you’ve made your request. So as soon as you get a number after requesting the renewal, go to the inquires counter and tell them you need your passport urgently and your reasons, if they ask. You will need to fill a form to schedule an appointment. If you get your appointment request in soon, perhaps as soon as 11, Your interview may be scheduled the same day. Tell them your reasons and if accepted they will ask you to pay the extra charges and will tell you by when you should received your passport.

  51. pallavi Says:

    Got my passport yesterday. Reached there at 8:30..there were about 25 people ahead of me. Got my documents verified at the reception and was given waiting queue token. The lady at the counter collected my documents and USD 125 at 9:45 and told me she would ask the officer if tatkal processing was possible and let me know. No news till 11:30. I asked her repeatedly if I had to fill out another form to take any appointment and she said no. Probably there procedure has changed. Finally, I was told that I would be granted an interview, anytime after 12 noon. They apparently follow the “first in, last out” method. I was the first one to request for interview and was the last one to be interviewed. anyway, the officer only asked me a couple of personal information questions (father’s name, visa type) and told me that they would be able to issue a duplicate passport that day itself. I paid 150 USD tatkal fee and was asked to come back to collect the new passport in the evening. Overall, the staff was polite (unlike the staff in the US embassy in Delhi), even if a little slow.

  52. Bimal Says:

    Congrats, Pallavi for your duplicate passport!
    I would support your view that the Consulate staff at NYC is really polite and helpful, although little bit slow.

  53. Sri Says:

    I got my permanent immigration for Australia stamped on my Indian passport through VFS global…..when the passport was finally handed over to me by blue dart courier i found the laminated page on the front and back partially peeled off. what action can i take against the courier company

  54. Chaitanya Says:

    Hi ..
    Got a query ..i had visited the Passport office here in Mumbai and was told that my passport is damaged.
    My passport has wet look around its corners…(all the pages)!!!…
    So the Officer told me to go ahead with the proceedings at my own risk or apply for a new copy.

    All the Imp numbers on my passport are clear and are not erased…

    Pls advice i have little time left to fly to New Zealand.

    Shall i go ahead with it…or risk being thrown out of the airport by immigration guys…

  55. Bimal Says:

    @Chaitanya : I think its better to apply for a duplicate passport. Soaking passports is a very common trick used in forgery. Hence it shouldn’t be taken lightly.
    If you apply for a duplicate passport under Tatkal scheme, I think you should be able to get it within very short time [ may be 1-3 days]

    Good luck!

  56. anu Says:

    my family and i lost our passport during our niagara trip. preparing document to apply for r my doubts
    1)there r 2 application form.which is the correct one.
    2)photos 6 two of then will be on forms rest atached to the application?
    3)normally how many days it will take to get a duplicate passport -no tatlkal
    4)can i send all my family application as a bulk and a certified cheque along with it?
    thanks in advance

  57. Bimal Says:

    @Anu : Please let us know which Consulate you belong to.

  58. anu Says:

    new york

  59. Bimal Says:

    @Anu : Please find your answers below:

    1) There are 2 forms to be filled up. One is Nationality Status Verification Form ( This needs to be filled up in writing. The second is the online application for duplicate passport ( . once you fill the online application up, you need to take print-outs and submit them in the consulate after completing up the ‘hand-written’ columns

    2) Yes.. you can handover the rest 4 photos to the lady in the counter while submitting the application.

    3) Nontatkal takes around 1 week. [ as far as I know]. However, you would have to come in person to collect them again.
    This essentially means two visits to the consulate. For someone coming from a far away place, it still makes sense to pay the Talkal fee to avoid the inconvenience and cost associated with 2 travels.

    4) All of your family members would have to visit the consulate IN PERSON. They don’t accept application for duplicate passport by post.

    Hope it helps.

  60. anu Says:

    thanks a lot for all these useful information….

  61. Anson Says:

    Hi.. I had gone through this blog which provides very good information on cases where the passport got damaged the experiences in getting them fixed… I had a small issue with mine.. The lamination on the inner side of cover page was slightly coming off from the corners.. Yesterday I went to the Chicago consulate at 9 to get it fixed… They didnt ask any documents.. Took the passport.. checked it… Asked me to sit in the halll.. But the time I settled myself expecting a long wait..they called me… I went to the counter..It was done.. Seems like they ran it on the lamination machine … The passport was pretty hot… I was out of there in and out of the consulate 15 mins total.. pretty quick service… surprising…

  62. Bimal Says:

    Thanks Anson for your input .. it surely will help lot of people who face similar issue.

  63. Sulav Says:

    Well the photo on my visa got some stains recently……my photo is recognizable but got some marks on my forehead and my cheeks…….what should i possibly do?

  64. Bimal Says:

    @ Sulav : If this is US visa and you’re in US now, the best thing to do is probably a visit to the nearest CBP port [] and let them verify the condition of the Visa. And as long as you’re in US and not going out, I think you don’t need your visa as such. You can get a new Visa only in any of the US Embassies/consulate outside of US

  65. Karthik Says:

    Even i am facing the same issues as Sulav. My photo on the visa is not clear.I need to travel to US on 15 th can any 1 reply quickly on this issues —should i go for restamping of visa if yes can i can my visa before 14 th .

    Please reply ASAP e-mail add

    Thanks in advance

  66. Karthik Says:

    Even i am facing the same issues as Sulav. My photo on the visa is not clear.I need to travel to US on 15 th can any 1 reply quickly on this issues —should i go for restamping of visa if yes can i get my visa before 14 th of aug 2009 .

    Please reply ASAP e-mail add

    Thanks in advance

  67. Vikpb Says:

    the lamination on the front page of my passport has come off from the corners. I am visiting Indian embassy on Nov 3, I got my 2nd H-1B extention approved and will be going to India for stamping. I am very thankful to this blog regarding the information. I am planing to take some action beforehand to avoid trouble but also didn’t want to create more trouble fo myself.

    I am trying to get some answers or comments from someone who has already been in the same situation.

    1) Will the passport # change for the duplicate passport. If it changes will that be an issue for visa stamping. ( My visa extention is based on old visa, I don’t need guarantees but just want to know if somebody had a similar experience and what was the outcome?)

    2) Applicatin form for the passport application has photo size of 2″ X 2″ to be attached as a note. But the size indicates for 3.5cm X 3.5 cm on the form. What did you guys get in the form?

    Thanks in advance.

  68. Vikpb Says:

    just a correction to my previous posting

    1) Will the passport # change for the duplicate passport. If it changes will that be an issue for visa stamping. ( My visa extention is based on existing passport, I don’t need guarantees but just want to know if somebody had a similar experience and what was the outcome?)

  69. Sriram Says:


    What are the documents that you submitted in case of a damaged passport. My passport’s lamination is coming off but all the information is intact. I do not have an Indian photo ID like driver’s license or PAN card. Is that fine?

  70. Bimal Says:

    @Vikpb :

    1) The Passport number will get changed for the duplicate passport. I don’t know if this will be an issue for your visa stamping as I don’t have that experience.

    2) From my experience, I feel that photo size is not very important to the Consulate people. You can get either size pasted on the form.

    Hope it helps!

  71. Bimal Says:

    @ Sriram :

    I believe you should approach the Consulate official with whatever documents you’ve apart from any Indian Photo ID. They should be able to help you. If required, try to get an appointment with one of the Consular Officer and explain your situation to him/her.

  72. Naresh Says:

    Can you help me please? I am in US on B1 visa. I got my passport wet in the rain. The photo is intact but the visa page is a bit faded. Also on the front page, the signature of the passport officer is faded. The lamination on one side is peeled a bit. Luckily I94 was not with the PP. Now I have to go back to India in next 6 days. My colleagues says returning to India is not a problem with this passport. Please suggest can I return to India with this?

  73. Malvika Says:

    My case:
    My passport + visa suffered some water damage. The front page of the passport had some water stains along the edges but the lamination was intact. The stamps of the passport officer and other stamps were smudged. The picture on my visa was half way damaged but the information on it was readable.
    I scanned the visa page and emailed it to the consulate (In my case it was US consulate Mumbai). They asked me to apply for a new visa when I come back to India.

    What I did:
    I traveled from US to India with the same passport. Since there was water damage on my passport front page, the officer double checked it under ultraviolet light of something.

    Since the lamination of the passport was intact, I did not apply for a new passport. However, since my visa was damaged, I had to apply for a new one. I scheduled my visa appointment with Mumbai consulate (paid fees at HDFC and booked a date online). At the consulate, they took the fingerprints, passport and current I20. Since I had 1 more semester to go, they gave me a new visa without an interview. They even extended the expiration date of the new visa by 2 years :). They stamped a big “cancelled” stamp on my old visa.

    Good Luck!

  74. Malvika Says:

    This blog helped me a lot!

  75. Naresh Says:

    Thanks Malvika for your help

  76. Sriram Says:

    Thanks Bimal. I went to the Washington DC embassy on Monday. They just re-laminated my passport’s front side. No application form was required, no documents required and it is a free service.

  77. Bimal Says:

    @ Sriram , Malvika : It’s really good to know that your problems have been solved.

    @Naresh : please let us know whether you reached India without any problem.

    We should all thank Dinesh who started this wonderful blog. It really helped all of us :)

  78. lornetki sklep Says:

    What blog script do you use on your site ?

  79. Naveen Says:

    I too did manage to get my passport washed and freaked out until i came across ur blog. Must say am bit relieved now. I am here in US on B1 visa and belong to the Houston consulate as I stay in Alabama. The lamination on both the front and back page of my passport has come off, though the print and photographs are clearly visible. The signature of the issuing authority has been washed off. I have managed to collect the following docs, but need help to let me know if am missing anything.
    – old damaged passport
    – PP photos
    – copy of 1st and last page of passport
    – Copy of the visa taken after water wash..yeah forgot to take a copy before.. :(
    – Pan card copy
    – company letter stating current residence address
    – Port of Entry letter copy
    – Letter detailing damage of passport

    Is this sufficient or am I missing anything???

    Also I have a few questions:
    – Do i need to submit 6 copies of personal particulars proforma?
    – Houston consulate website says I can mail documents for new passport. But is it mandatory to notarize all these documents and if YES then who does it?
    – How many days will they normally take to mail the new passport back?

    Kindly help…

  80. Bimal Says:

    @ Naveen : I think the list of documents is clearly list out in the consulate webpage :

    Also the webpage says “Application for a duplicate passport is normally not accepted by mail except with prior approval of the Consular Officer” . Hence I would advise you to make a personal trip to the Consulate.

    Regarding your specific questions :
    1. Yes, you should submit 6 copies of the PP form.
    2. The easiest and economical way of getting your document notorized is to visit a AAA office.
    [ ]
    They notorize documents with a very cheap fee.
    3. Consulate webpage says “Processing time for applications received at the Consular counter is between 4 to 7 working days, excluding the date of receipt of application at the Embassy / Consulate. Passport can be issued within 1 to 3 working days in an emergency situation like death / serious ailment of a family member in India.”

    From my own experience, its always better to visit the Consulate personally and explain your situation.

    Hope this helps.

  81. Nithin Says:


    First of all kudos to this blog!.. i am suffering the same issue as my passport got drenched in rain even though when i kept it inside my bag!.. but all the information, photo and my H1B visa stamping data is all intact and clearly visible. I stupidly tried to iron the edges of the passport as the lamination was peeling off.. but it didnt stick around for long.. now i have finally decided to apply for damaged passport. I have filled all the details and I have all supporting documents to apply for.. I stay in Seattle Wa and i believe SFO Indian consulate is my place for applying for a duplicate passport.

    I understand my stupid act can be considered as forgery.. but i wish to know if any precautions i need to take as I am thinking to send the damaged passport along with all supporting notarized documents in courier USPS services?

    Also do I have to lodge any complaint for my damaged passport?

    As I can see that once its ready i need to collect the passport in person.. is that really necessary because I can see they mentioned it will be sent back in mail.

    Please suggest. Thanks in advance.


  82. J Says:

    This blog is great! You guys are very helpful!

    I have a small question. My US Visitor visa’s photo has got a small blot on the chin area. Otherwise, the visa is in perfect condition! Will this be a problem? I am trying to get in touch with the consulate here about this but if someone has any thoughts, please let me know.

    Thanks so much!

  83. J Says:

    Btw, I got it checked from an agent and they said it’s fine as long as the control number on the visa is clear.

  84. Srinivas Says:

    This is a very helpful blog indeed and hope I can get some help. I need to apply for my OPT in a month. I had submitted my passport for renewal 2 months back but no response yet.

    Would you suggest that I make a personal trip to DC and if they cant renew my passport pending more delays, would I be eligible for the tatkal service? What docs would I need to show to prove the urgency? I read somewhere that students currently studying in the US are eligible for the tatkal service but I am not absolutely sure about this.

    Any insight would be greatly helpful to me! Thanks.

  85. Deepa Says:

    I have lost my passport and yet to apply for duplicate/new one.. I would like to know will it cause any issues to get an US visa. I am working in a corporate and trying to get B1 visa thru my company.

  86. Bimal Says:

    @ Deepa : For applying for any Visa, you need your passport. This is the first & foremost requirement!

  87. Bimal Says:

    @ Srinivas : I think they don’t need any documentary proof for your urgency. You can visit the embassy and take an appointment with a Consular officer. Please explain your situation to the officer and request for tatkaal. Usually they try to give it.

    Hope it helps.

  88. Bimal Says:

    @ Nithin : Please refer to the SFO Consulate website :
    It has all the information that you asked for. If you expect them to send back your passport by mail, please make sure you send a return envelope of FedEx, UPS or USPS.

  89. Renu Says:

    I have a green card. My dog chewed up the corners of my Indian passport. All details like the passport number are intact. I am travelling to India next month. Can I use the same passport or would need a new one.

  90. Venkat Says:

    Firstly, thank you for the information posted here. i found it very useful in getting my duplicate passport last week quiet smoothly. I was at consulate around 8.30am and stood in line, the consulate was opened at around 9:20 am and when i went inside they gave me token and i waited for my chance and submitted the documents in the counter and asked the lady in the counter for expedited processing. She agreed and asked me to wait for 10 min to get clearance for my place in india. Even before 10 min she asked to pay for tatkal fee and asked me to collect the passport at 4.30 pm. That is it. No interviews and no more filling additional forms.
    Note: The lady in information desk told, i need to fill additonal form, if my visa was expired and notarize the form to get the passport. but i gave a try by submitting my documents with out those documents. since i have a valid I-20 from my school they issued me the passport.
    Thanks again for the help.

  91. Dr. Madhur Gupta Says:

    Dear All,

    Pre-thanks for help if someone.

    I am in China and got my passport washed in washing machine. The working visa which I have is still clear.

    Please suggest:
    1.If I go to India from China is there any problem at custom.
    2. Back to China from India, I will issue a new passport but is it possible to get one month tourist visa on that as I had working visa on my washed passport which is still under validity period.

  92. @Jervin Says:

    Hi All, I washed my passport and now i need to apply for a duplicate. I live in Memphis,TN and the embassy that i need to apply for is in Washington DC. It is a 15 hrs drive from here.

    1)Can i mail the documents to the embassy?
    2) If yes, do i need an approval from the consular officer?

    Please let me know.
    Thanks in advance for your help

  93. Farooq Says:

    Hi All,
    This is a very informative blog, like most of the cases I have washed my passport too and now struggling to fill the form. I really need some assistance in filling the form now I am facing difficulty to answer a few questions in the form.

    I live in Redmond WA area if anyone can help me please send me your contact number or email id on which I can contact you. I come under SFO consulate and planning to travel in person to apply for a new / replacement passport.

    Also I had a few questions apart from my passport questions.

    1. Will tatkal request be accepted if I request in the consulate ?
    2. I am planning to submit Driver licence, Lease aggrement and Water Bill as part of address proof. Are these sufficient ?
    3. I do not have my Degree cirtificate with me, the originals are at home back in India how can I get my new passport ECNR stamped ?

    Below are the questions in my form which I am having difficulty in answering

    Before coming to US I have also travelled to Singapore and Indonasia on a travel Visa so what answer should I fill for this question

    2. How long has the applicant continuosly resided abroad ?
    Should I fill how long I have lived in US?

    3. Local Car Driving Licence No ?
    Should I mention the Washington State Driving licence Number or India Driving licence Number?

    4. Name and Address of two reletives/friends ?
    Should I mention my relatives/friends living in US or india ?

    5. Is applicant registered with Indian Mission/Post ? If not, is he a member of any Indian Organization?
    What should I mention here what is India Mission/Post mean?

    Please guys help me find answers for my above questions, I will be really thankful. I have my interview on 18th August 2010. Please Please help.

  94. Bimal Says:

    Farooq :

    I will try to answer your questions as far as possible :

    1. Will tatkal request be accepted if I request in the consulate ?

    2. I am planning to submit Driver licence, Lease aggrement and Water Bill as part of address proof. Are these sufficient ?

    3. I do not have my Degree cirtificate with me, the originals are at home back in India how can I get my new passport ECNR stamped ?

    Before coming to US I have also travelled to Singapore and Indonasia on a travel Visa so what answer should I fill for this question

    2. How long has the applicant continuosly resided abroad ?
    Should I fill how long I have lived in US?

    3. Local Car Driving Licence No ?
    Should I mention the Washington State Driving licence Number or India Driving licence Number?

    4. Name and Address of two reletives/friends ?
    Should I mention my relatives/friends living in US or india ?

    5. Is applicant registered with Indian Mission/Post ? If not, is he a member of any Indian Organization?
    What should I mention here what is India Mission/Post mean?

    Hope it helps – All the best!

  95. Bimal Says:

    Farooq :

    I will try to answer your questions as far as possible :

    1. Will tatkal request be accepted if I request in the consulate ? ( This usually varies from Consulate to Consulate – but in most cases they agree to process in Tatkal provided you’re ready to pay for it )

    2. I am planning to submit Driver licence, Lease aggrement and Water Bill as part of address proof. Are these sufficient ? ( Yes, they are more than sufficient! In my case, they didn’t even bother to look at those and scolded me for attaching 10 page long lease agreement! LOL )

    3. I do not have my Degree cirtificate with me, the originals are at home back in India how can I get my new passport ECNR stamped ? ( You don’t need your Original Degree Certificate for ECNR stamp – it will be done automatically based on the status of your damaged passport )

    Before coming to US I have also travelled to Singapore and Indonasia on a travel Visa so what answer should I fill for this question

    ( I would advise you to write your date of first travel to Singapore/ Indonesia here )

    2. How long has the applicant continuosly resided abroad ?
    Should I fill how long I have lived in US?


    3. Local Car Driving Licence No ?
    Should I mention the Washington State Driving licence Number or India Driving licence Number?

    (I would think you should mention WA State Driving license details here )

    4. Name and Address of two reletives/friends ?
    Should I mention my relatives/friends living in US or india ?

    (Please mention friends/relatives in India – preferable from your locality – in my case, the local police contacted them for verification)

    5. Is applicant registered with Indian Mission/Post ? If not, is he a member of any Indian Organization?
    What should I mention here what is India Mission/Post mean?

    ( I would reply NO to both )

    Hope it helps – All the best!

  96. Amit Says:

    Hi, I had kept my passport in a leather bag and somehow there was some water spill due to which there are stains on the edges of the passport and they have gone to the pages also but not on the entire page…maybe the top edges. My photograph and everything is clearly visible (name etc) but I am afraid if the immigration officer in India will not allow me to fly considering that the passport is damaged. I need to travel in end of Sept.

  97. Bhavini Says:

    Hi, I came to US in July 2010 first time, I forgot to mentioned my last name in I-94 and i have last name in my passport. So when i went to apply for SSN , officer rejected my application said name is mismatch, They suggested to fill I-102 , So i filed I-102 for to USCIS with $320 cheque on 6th Aug. Today it has been 3+ months and i have not received it yet. How much time it takes for processing . if i want to visit india for few weeks , can i visit with photocopy of I-94 and receipt of I-102 acceptance from USCIS. and if YES, when i come back to US i will get new I-94, am i right?

  98. admin Says:

    @Bhavini For Q1, Find out from the airline that you are travelling by, if you are OK to travel under the current circumstances. They will be there ones who take the I-94 when issuing your flight tickets. Also, If it’s been more than 3 months you should get in touch with USCIS and put across your concerns to them as well.

    And yes, you will receive a new I-94 when you come back to the US.

  99. Madhusudan Says:


    My Passport is having stains becasue of water – on all the pages as well as on the VISA which is already in the state of “cancelled without redjuice”.

    Currently I have applied for a new Visa L1B, is there any chance of rejection becasue of

    – very minimal stains on all the pages.
    – stains on the photo on VISA which is already in the expired state.

    also some lemination is getting off from the back page for that do I need to apply for a new passport or we have the facility for re leminating it from passport office.

  100. SJ Says:

    In case of an emergency passport. What are the documents that the consulate would need. They have said that they do it only in case of medical emergency. What if there is no medical emergency but the passport is needed on the same day? Do they allow tatkal in such cases?

  101. SJ Says:

    The earlier query was with regards to Chicago consulate. I am aware of the docs on the website but the earlier query specifically pertains to tatkal processing

  102. Mohit Says:

    Thanks for very informative blog.
    My passport got damaged with water. I am on L1B and i live in saint louis, MO(have to go to Indian consulate, Chicago). i have to go to india on 2nd april and come back to US on 18th april. i have 10 days left in btwn. Can you please tell me if they will process my new passport in tatkal service and what additional documents will be required for the same? thanks in advance.

  103. Madhan Says:

    @Mohit, You cannot get passport in India within 10 days. Fix it in US which is far easier and better.

  104. nph bijpur Says:


    my passport fell in water so going to the consulate to check if I need a new one or not.

    i have a question, what is the validity in the new passport? +10 years or just the time left on the original passport?

    my next renewal is in 2013, if I get a duplicate passport, will I get a new validity date or the same?

  105. Madhumita Says:

    Thanks for such a helpful blog and hope I can get some more help. My passport got wet due to which the photo on the front page has got smeared and is not clear but the rest of the information are quite ok. I am staying in US with my husband who is on L1 visa & I am not working.
    -Do I need to show any photo identity proof? As I don’t have any such photo ID proof apart from my passport in which my photo has got damaged.

    -What are the documents which needs to be notorized? I don’t have my originals with me here in US. Do I need to notorize my photo on a plain paper?

    -What are the other documents which I need to carry apart from the (1) application form (2) 6 recent photos (3) Copy of damaged passport (4) Proof of residence in USA i.e. lease agreement.
    -Can I use the personal particulars Form from this site
    -In each personal particulars Form I need to attach 1 photo, so does that mean that I need 12 photos in total?

    I need to make each and every thing clear so that I don’t miss anything before going to the New York Consulate.
    Please let me know if I am missing something.

  106. selva Says:


    I am in L1B visa (expired Jan,2011) with valid I-94. The lamination on my passport cameout for quarter page. They got peeled 4years back even before i got my L1 and I traveled 3 times to India with this. Everytime flight and passport authorities sees it by rubbing made the smaller peel to almost quarter page.
    Now I need to go back to India for vacation, my H1 petition is approved-need to go for visa stamping.
    I came to know very late(today) that this lamination thing would be considered as tampered passport(but all text, passport is intact). I read this blog and all posts and replies, some says the passport office will do the laminations and some people are saying getting a new passport is one day if you are lucky enough to get.
    I am ready to pay the money as there is more tension in India (Chennai) to get that.

    Please advise
    1. What should do for getting just the lamination or who would be telling me whether it needs to be relaminated or need to apply for new passport?
    2. Do I need to get the online visa form filled and take the other form mentioned filled attested by officer before I go to Newyork (thats my nearest office)?

    This blog is being 2 years for any recent activities, but still i believe someone would reply as i need it very bad urgently.


  107. Suvitha Aravindh Says:

    PLs help me to sot out this problem

    My Qatar residential visa is valid until 27-July-2011.I came for vaccation on 9-May-2011 , unexpectedly my passport ( 2 pages visa page also got damaged ).Now I applied for Duplicate passport & got that new Duplicate passport .Pls provide me the procedures to stamp my qatar visa in my duplicate passport to travel qatar without any problem.

    or without stamping visa can i travel .pls help me

  108. Ajeet Says:

    I need to travel to USA. My college starts on 22nd August and still need to get Visa., Before applying to Visa, I have noticed that due to humid atmosphere the blue ink runs through the cover page and some portion of the cover page has stained with that light blue color.I am not sure whether it comes under damaged category and visa or entry at airport can be rejected. So I have visited the passport office and explained the situation. Few said is it damaged and few said it is not but better apply for new one. They have not accepted the application in tatkal scheme and had to apply in General. Though the passport officer has written the status as urgent on the application, I am very much tensed whether I will get the new passport or not with in time. He has crossed the old passport with green ink and made it in valid. Is there any way to get the passport little early so that I can apply for Visa and can travel with in time?

  109. Sudhakar Says:

    Thank you for the useful blog. Special thanks to Bimal!
    I have applied for duplicate passport in NY consulate today without any issues.

  110. Ramdas Says:

    I have few questions on my water damaged passport. Corners of few pages got wet and now i can see water marks on it. But my H1B visa stamp page + and I94 don’t have any water mark and it looks like no water damage to these pages. Even 1st and last page of PP are having no water damage.

    Here are my questions :
    1. I want to know if I apply for duplicate passport, will the passport number will remains same? If Not, Do I need to inform new Passport number to all the places like (Bank, USCIS, ADP PayRoll etc), or will it be ok as I am gone carry cancelled passport every time with me?
    2. Also Can I get a passport in Tatkal, with no reason as I can see on SFO indian consulate, they mentioned processing time is 1 month?

    Looking fwd reply asap.


  111. Rina Says:

    My Place of Birth:
    City – Chandernagore
    District – Hooghly
    State – West Bengal

    What shall I write in the “Place of Birth’ field in the Online Passport application form.The guideline (

    says, “Enter place of birth and and state in India”. In that case, shall I write, “CHANDERNAGORE WEST BENGAL”? or only “CHANDERNAGORE”?

    What shall I write in the “Country” field?
    The tooltip says, ‘enter district if born in India, otherwise name of the country”. But the guideline says, “State and country”. Shall I write


    How these two information will be displayed in my passport?

    Kindly suggest.


  112. Raj Says:

    Wonderful blog! As like many others in the blog my passport is drenched in water. I verified all the information online in “” and booked an appointment too. I still have the below questions :

    1. I got my appointment on Friday but shall I walk in on Thursday, submit my documents and go through the process 1 day before? Will they allow me to do so?

    1. Has anyone got a Tatkaal processing done from Houston? If yes, on what merits would they agree to. I am in need of the passport as I have an important travel to be made though it is within US and I cant do it with my current passport.

    Your immediate response would help me big!!


  113. Arun Says:

    thanks to this blog
    This gives me a lot of motivation,
    I am having the same problem, the passport has very little lamination comming out and this month i have my Visa interview,
    However i dont have a residence proof to apply for tatkal passport

    Please let me know if i will get my visa stamped?

  114. sireesha Says:

    I got a B1/B2 visa for 10 yrs and went to US in march.While in US, my passport got wet.Lamination from front and back pages came out.Visa photo ran color.Iam back in Hyderabad. Iam applying for damaged passport under tatkal. My question is, no body is answering me as to the extent of damage of my visa paper. I have mailed my scanned visa page to US consulate. But all I get is an automated response saying that I can either apply for visa freshly or travel to US and at the port of entry they will check visa and say whether I can enter US. I need to know if my visa will be valid or i need to apply fresh. Please help me out on this one.

  115. sireesha Says:

    I have to travel to US again shortly., so if anyone can tell me how to get my visa page checked it would be great.

  116. DJ Says:

    @Sireesha: Only the US consulate can advise you whether you need a new visa or not, and unfortunately for us, they are more likely to say you need to get a new one to avoid any accountability for what happens when you enter the states. But you still have a chance that they should think it is OK and does not need to be replaced.

    I had to get mine replaced because one of the numbers at the bottom was slightly smudged :/

  117. sireesha Says:

    @ DJ,

    Hi, you said, you got replaced. Did you go for interview afresh? also please mention your visa type and also what happened in your case.Did they object at port of entry in US?what exactly happened?

  118. KBA Says:

    I have a b1/b2 visa valid for 10 years…. it was approved just last month….a drop a water fell on the photo, in the forehead area slightly blurring the same…. there is no difficulty in identifying me with the photo..other information is also not affected..if i apply for a new one, will i get the visa for 10 years again?, ….should i tell them about the damaged visa during the interview?

  119. EH Says:

    Very good info. Followed the info and got my passport sameday. Thank you!

  120. sireesha Says:

    was turned back at hyderabad airport for damaged passport.Iam applying for new passport.color has run from my photo on visa page. should i go for visa again? mine was B1/B2 10 yr multiple.

  121. BRIJENDRA Says:

    my name is brij from india .The Photograph on my passport is damaged by water… please let me know how to go about it and how much it will charge? and most important Is police verification done again? if you can please email me . it will be a grate help

  122. Navam Says:

    thanks for setting up such a informative page and like a lot of other people i have the same problem of photo on passport getting smeared and everything else intact. I am currently studying in los angeles and i dont really need my passport before 45 days or so (will travel to texas in mid december) I will be sending documents by mail as i dont really have the time to go there in person(SF consulate).I have the following queries which i believe have not been answered –
    1. On their website – – they say “All previous passports in original, current passport in original and photocopy of the first five, last two pages” – i actually have an expired passport back in india. Do i need to get that one delivered before i can apply or they just need the current one?
    2. They do say on the page mentioned above that we can send by mail but i came across a lot of comments about them not accepting by mail.I believe since they said that we can apply its fine right they wont return the whole package and can someone explain this USPS express mail thing.

  123. Sireesha Says:

    I had earlier posted my story of a wet passport, my stupid attempt to travel with it. I finally got a new passport and appeared for visa (B1/B2) on november 4th. I was issued a visa. Problem is its been 14 days and still my passport has not been returned. I mailed consulate, they said to wait. Anyone with damaged passport, please telll me when your passport was returned. DJ , r u there?

  124. Sireesha Says:

    @ Navam

    Hi Navam, from my experience, I tell you, its much better to get passport renewed in U.S. Yes you need to have your old passport. You wont have any problem when travelling within US. Problem comes when u come to India, then you cant travel back. And then, there will be issues with Visa too. I had to postpone my crucial interviews in US, bcoz my visa is in pending since 14 days. Dont underestimate this problem. Get you passport and visa things done ASAP.

  125. Sireesha Says:


    Someone with damaged passport, could you tell me, how long they took for visa processing?

  126. Ansaar Says:


    This blog is really useful.
    My passport is damaged and i has slight discoloration and I think its a good thing to get a new passport. I plan to go to the NY consulate
    Please can you help answer the following questions and reply if i have missed anything !
    email :

    1. I have my old damaged passport – original
    2. 3 photocopies of passport
    3. Valid US I-20 ( US visa has expired) – original and 2 photocopies
    4. 6 passport size photographs 2×2″ white background
    5. Valid Indian photo iD – Election voter ID and bank passbook
    6. Passport renewal form -notarized (should the notarized stamping be on the photo or anywhere on the document should be fine ??)
    7. Electricity bill showing proof of residence
    8. Indian Degree certificate
    9. Document from school that I am pursuing my education here in the US
    10. Damaged passport reason ? (Do i need to submit a form for this and get it notarized as well ?)
    11. Finally, I plan to pay the additional tatkal fees ! So i can get the passport the same day right ?
    please let me know


    ~ A

  127. Raman Says:

    My passport seems to be slightly water damaged. The photo on the front page is slightly smeared from one side, though very much recognizable and there are a few very minor stains near the
    edge of the front page. I need to travel to India soon and am currently in New jersey

    Has anyone faced this situation before ?
    Is it necessary to apply for a new passport ?

    – Raman

  128. Ansaar Says:


    Yes, I think so.. After reading most of the stories online, I think its good for you to get a new duplicate passport

  129. Bimal Says:

    @Ansaar :

    6. Passport renewal form -notarized (should the notarized stamping be on the photo or anywhere on the document should be fine ??)

    I think you need to get it notarized in the form – near the space where you sign on the form.
    In case there is an error in the form and you need a notary urgently, you can visit the Citibank which is round the corner near NY Consulate. I went there and it was quite quick.

    10. Damaged passport reason ? (Do i need to submit a form for this and get it notarized as well ?)

    Just write the reason in a plain paper – no need to get it notarized.

    11. Finally, I plan to pay the additional tatkal fees ! So i can get the passport the same day right ?

    Yes .. in my case the Tatkal fee was $200 in NY Consulate but that was 3 years ago.

    Hope this helps – all the best!

  130. Jyothi Says:

    I was planning a trip to India when I discovered that my passport was damaged by water stains, all the information was intact but water stains on the passport ID page made me think of applying for a new passport. The experiences shared on this website helped me a lot, so I’m here to share my experience. I collected all documents required for NY CGI, both originals and copies:

    1) Original passport with visa stamped and I-94
    2) Application form – I had some trouble getting it notarized. There is no specific area on the application marked for a notary stamp, so the notary refused to stamp it at first but did so upon requesting.
    3) Photos – 6
    4) Address proof – Rental lease
    5) Letter stating how the passport was damaged – I did not take this with me and the lady behind counter 5 gave me a sheet of paper and asked me to write it there.
    6) Other supporting documents – education diplomas and marksheets, class 10 certificate, marriage certificate.
    7) Nationality status verification form

    I also took the Personal Particulars form but it was not required for NY.

    We entered the CGI at around 9 and were given a token. I lost track of time but I think it was past 11 when my number was called. I gave all documents at the counter, paid the fee $125 and asked about tatkal service. She said tatkal is not available for damaged passport. Then I asked about return by mail, she said she has already printed the receipt and cannot make any changes now. This information is totally different from that on the website. I still don’t know which one is correct.

    Now my only option is to go back to the consulate and collect my passport in person. I’m fine with doing that, if only the CGI would get the processing done. I applied on Jan 16. I was told to call back in 2 weeks and it would be ready. I have been calling for the past 5 weeks and they keep telling me to call back next week. Fortunately, I did not have any concrete plans to travel. But if you need to travel urgently, God help you. The CGI NY is no different from any Govt. office in India. I will update this once again after I get my new passport.

  131. Prasad Says:

    Hi All,
    While traveling to US from India, my passport got damaged due to the water spill over. After getting all the necessary address proofs I have applied for the duplicate passport on Nov 4th, 2011 in the houston through mail. After that I called the phone numbers which were mentioned in houston indina embassy site. No useless fellow never answers the phone. After keep on looking the blogs in the net, I got an emergency number – 8322831568. One lady picked up the phone and said….officer is looking into it. They have given the same answer for three weeks. After that a new lady gave a new number – 7136262148 to contact.

    On the new number always need to stay on the line for 30 minutes, after that a person answers the phone. And even she says same thing…officer is looking.

    From past 4 months I am waiting for my passport and I stucked here and my family stucked in India.

    I don’t know what this people will do and when I am going to get my passport.

  132. Ankush Dhameeja Says:

    My passport seems to be slightly water damaged. The photo on the front page is slightly smeared. I have approved H1B and my visa stamping is scheduled on 19th march at Mumbai consulate. Can someone please tell me whether i should go for stamping or i should cancel my appointment, apply for new passport and after receiving new one only go for stamping.

  133. Fermin Feroshi Says:

    I accidentally fell in a lake along with my Indian passport in my pocket ..

    1. The front page passport photo got faded and the seal impression on the first page came on the laminated page on my birth date too

    2. The passport officers signature is not clear, it literally got vanished

    3. My visa page picture too got faded

    iam not in a hurry to get the passport as iam not traveling anywhere till December and iam in Arlington Texas now can someone please guide me with what all documents i need and where should i have to apply for a new passport and the visa the steps and the procedure and how much does it cost…??

    Kindly do reply thanks .

  134. Bimal Says:

    @Fermin :

    Please follow the following link of the Houston Consulate.

    It should answer all your queries related to issue of duplication passport.
    As far as visa is concerned, you would need to get a new stamping once you’re outside USA and want to come back again.

    Hope it helps.

  135. Sneha Says:

    Thank you all. This blog answered many of my questions.


  136. Anupam Says:

    My query is that I reported loss of my passport to Consulate General of India at San Francisco and put up a police complaint as well and within 2 days found the passport and then accordingly informed the status to them. Can I travel to India on this lost and found passport.

  137. Sandeepa Says:

    Hi any one there:

    My passport also got wet 3 years ago and there were stains upto a few pages on it. I travelled to india with the same passport but while coming back, at airport i was advised to get a new one for next time. I am planning to go to India next month. I am applying for duplicate in a week.

    My question is: I have F1 stamping on my passport. It expired last month. But I have my approved H1B documents with me since Oct 2011. When I get a duplicate passport, what will they mention on it regarding both my F1 and H1B visas? I am going to India to get my H1B stamped in a month. Can any one please answer my queries. Thank you.

  138. Bimal Says:

    @Sandeepa :

    In my case, they put a stamp in the damage passport stating “Passport cancelled but valid Visas are not cancelled”

  139. Suzi Says:


    Thanks so much for creating and maintaining such a informative and helpful blog!!

    I am in Cleveland, so have to apply for NY consulate.

    I have recently landed in US, back when i was in INDIA, my passport was damaged, and i applied for a new passport in INDIA and got it in march 2012. And unfortunately, again, this new passport got damaged in US, nail polish got spilled on it. Photo ID, Front and back page, Visa, everything is clear and visible, just that the pages at one corner got attached and is not allowing to open the pages completely.

    I read in vfs global that if we are applying in less than 5years of the current passport, we should take both the passports to consulate, Will this situation create a problem applying for damaged passport twice in one year? Will consulate reject ?

  140. shalini Says:

    hey everyone,
    this post is very helpful and i washed my passport with my laundry yesterday and was in a state of shock for long then i looked on the internet and kinda felt good when i saw that i am not the most unfortunate one..i have another question
    my I 94 also faded with my visa (B1) and passport and i actually want to extend my stay here in that at all possible with all faded and washed visa and I 94.
    Pleasee help!!

  141. admin Says:

    I think you should be OK to stay on provided you don’t have to use your passport anywhere a Faded I-94 should be ok if you can read all the numbers.
    But if you’ve damaged your passport you would need to replace that before you can travel outside the country so if I were you I’d be working to replace the passport first.

    I don’t see why it could be a problem, as long as you have your passport with all pages intact you should be OK.

  142. alilsushi Says:

    My passport, B2 visa, and I-94 were damaged in the laundry while I am in the process of requesting a change of status from my B-2 tourist visa to a F-1 student visa. I’m so helpless now, can some one suggest me what to do next? The photos were quite damaged, but you can still see that was me. The letter info were still good,but the numbers on the bottom my B-2 visa were completely damaged.

  143. Vibhu Says:

    I just got out of submitting my application for a duplicate passport as I damaged my old one. I live in Baton Rouge so I went to the Houston vfs office. I was the first one there so I saw the person at the desk almost immediately. I’m leaving for India on the 10 th of dec for my sisters wedding. Unfortunately she told me Tatkal is not applicable for damaged passport cases and nothing I would say would change her mind. However she told me to write a letter to the consulate regarding my case telling me it might be processed sooner than the normal time, which I did.
    What are the chances I will get my passport in time. Will calling/emailing anyone help?


  144. bapu Says:

    @Ankush Dhameeja

    mine is d same case kindly explain what u did or u went with d same PP

  145. bapu Says:

    Hi all
    My pp is slightly water damaged from one corner but noting has happened to my PP except a light blue mark on top corner of first page
    my US visa H1B interview is n thurs day …
    I m tensed what to do :(

  146. Ashwanth Says:

    I am an Indian student from Nanning, China and my friend (Indian) has lost her passport
    Wanted to know that how long does it usually take for a person to recieve the new passport from the consulate usually, if not in China , how about in US

  147. aadi Says:

    I lost my passport(with F1 visa) and has applied for a new passport recently. The thing I am bothered about is VISA. Will it be an issue if I go INDIA for restamping. Are there any chances of rejection?
    I transferred university after my first sem will that have any effect on VISA. I will be graduating this Dec.So planning to go INDIA this JULY. but I am worried are there any chances of rejection. Is Mexico/Canada recomended?
    Also, as I am planning to go INDIA this July do I have to apply for replacment I94? Is it mandatory to depart US. what If I doesnt get I94 till the date I plan to leave US.

  148. Harshit Says:

    Hii. I am Harshit Goel staying in Japan on work permit visa. Unfortunately my passport cover page photo got damaged in the heavy rain over here. I have applied for the new passport 3.5 week back and Embassy people wrote an urgent on my application form but yet i have not recieved my new passport. I am worried now as i have flight to India after 6 days. I have reciept for the application of new passport,my Old passport, photocopy of orginal passport before it got tempered and an alien registeration card issued by Japan Govt. This will be my 2nd temporay return trip to India during my 2 year stay in Japan. My visa page is extremely fine. I am going after 8 months to India on temporary basis . I do not know what to do now,If my new passport will not come should i travel, what problems i have to face. Please give me the solution.I need to go to India urgently.

  149. vinr Says:

    Hi, I machine washed my passport by mistake, my passport is in a really bad condition. All pages of my passport are damaged including(B1/B2 visa, H4 visa , I-94). However both my visas are valid. I have applied for new passport.

    Meantime I have the following concerns

    1. How and where can I get my visas re-stamped? Do I need to pay for re-stamping my visa in spite of visa being valid?
    2. I stay in US, would there be any problem while travelling to india as my H4 visa page is damaged?
    3. I have also applied for H1B this year, am yet to get the receipt number. Would there be any problem in proceeding further if at all I get selected through the lottery?

    Thanks for the time. Appreciating any help.

  150. Shilpa Says:

    I was planning to travel to the UK (on a short vacation) next month (with all my bookings almost done including flights) and I go for my visa where I’m told my passport may be considered as damaged! (there was some discoloration on the address page, my bio data page was fine with the photo & lamination in place) I was told I may or may not get a visa, all my other supporting documents were in order. I agreed to take a chance & submitted my application! Now I am dying of anxiety! Anyone gone through a similar experience? Did you get a visa? If yes, did you have problems at immigration? Pls advice

  151. tabassum Says:

    Bullet !!! is that u from Indian School Muscat

  152. Varaha Anupoju Says:

    My Passport damaged as i put in laundry and in the process of reapply but i need some help in one clause ” 7 Copies of Printed and filled Nationality Verification Form / Personal Particulars form & 3 photographs for personal particular form.”


  153. Lata Raghavan Says:


    I have a question regarding damaged passport. My minor daughter’s passport has a damage. The lamination on the photo page has come off at the folding. We were able to get into the US with the same. Now, we are planning on visiting India for a short time.
    1. Would there be a problem with my daughter’s passport while re-entering the US?
    2. Is it advisable to get a new passport for her? If yes, what are the requirements and procedure to get it done?

  154. Mansha Says:

    I got a small hole in my passport, but it is near the binding. My Passport number and all other things are fine. Should I apply for a new passport? If yes, will I get my US F-1 visa back on it or do I need to reapply for the visa.
    Please help. Thanks in advance.

  155. Suraj Haradagatti Says:

    I am currently in US and I had damaged my passport accidently along with the Visa and I have got my new passport done from the Indian Embassy at New York. But now I would like to have my VISA restamped again on the new passport cause it is damaged on the old one. It is still a valid F1 Visa and its valid untill 2015. Could you please tell me the process to apply to get my VISA restamped so that I can plan my trip back to India. As I have not completed my course in US yet I just need to get my VISA restamped and get back to complete my course here. So I need to plan accordingly before my semester starts. I plan to go india in december for about 20 days.
    So it would be helpful if you could let me know if I need to attend the interview again and go through the complete process or is there any way out to just get it restamped at the earliest. How many days would it take?
    I hope you revert back on this issue. I would be very thankful to you.
    Thank You

  156. tauseef Says:

    I also faced same issue.
    My Passport got damaged because of frequent use.
    To protects it from Moisture, Dust, Wear & Tear, I covered it with PVC covers.
    It also protects from offices Stickers, travel agents gluey stickers, etc
    I felt much Secured after using the Executive Passport cover…
    Prefer using the Transparent Cover to Maintain the Originality of Passport, Colorful and Fancy passport cover are not acceptable at Some Offices.

  157. kumar Says:

    Iam travelling to india with in 3 days and the photo(Nose,Mouth are slightly faded) on the US visa page got faded due to water droplets and rest of the characters are visible & other pages including the PP first/Last name is looking good.
    Please help me on this.

  158. Mihir Says:

    My Visa is demanged a little but my passport seems OK other than being old.

    Do I need a new passport only or Can I get a new stamp on my old passport ??

    Please help me on this

  159. Jasraj Says:


    I need your advice what should I do as I have a lamination problem at the edge ( Slightly ) on both front and back of passport page.
    I have to apply for for visa .

  160. Naman Says:


    My new PP was issued at CGI, NY. Old PP was issued in India and has no problems and contains expired visa stamp.
    The lamination on my new passport is coming out on photo along one side of passport but all corners and information is intact.
    I got the PP in same condition from CGI, NY since 2012 but I never looked at this and also traveled to India 2 times on same PP without any issues.

    Now I need to go back to India for vacation, my H1 extension petition is approved and need to go for visa re-stamping.

    I came to know today that this lamination thing would be considered as tampered passport(but all text, passport is intact).
    I read this blog and all posts and replies, some says the passport office will do the re-lamination and some people are saying getting a new passport.

    Please advise on below points :
    1. What should I do for getting just the re-lamination or who would be telling me whether it needs to be re-laminated or need to apply for new passport?
    2. If i need to visit CGI, NY, can they do this on same day and what is the fees for this service ?

    Request to all readers of this blog to help me as much as you can and as soon as you can.

    Many thanks in advance and greatly appreciate the author of this blog.

    Just one word for this …awesome blog !!!!

  161. admin Says:


    In your case, it appears to me that you should be alright with just having NY consulate fix your existing passport since they gave it to you in that condition. Whether or not they will do it the same day, will need to be found out from them, but I expect that is the case. Please try and contact them to see if it’s possible.

  162. Naman Says:

    Final Positive update on my case:

    Went to CGI, NY on 03-APR-2014. It was NOT crowded.
    Security guard asked me for the purpose of visit, based on that he directed me to counter 5.

    At counter 5, lady (I would say sensible person) understood my request and asked me to wait for 15 mins.
    She completed other’s request and then went inside to get my 3 passports (myself, spouse and child) re-laminated and handed over to me over the counter and asked me to verify.

    No fees or form for this, just walk-in and get it done.

    It was all done by 9:40 am.

    I would say, this was the smoothest process, I have ever seen. Happy with the CGI service.

  163. Krishna Says:

    Myself an Indian citizen and a US Green card holder at present live in San Diego.

    Recently I applied for a Business visa at Thailand embassy at Los Angeles and they rejected my application since my passport photo ID, lamination sheet has partially come off and asked me to get the passport corrected from the Indian embassy.

    I haven’t faced this issue during my previous travel and consider this as normal wear and tear.

    My existing passport expires end of next year (Have another 1.5 year), I have to travel to Thailand urgently mid of this month with the business visa done at Thai embassy.

    I called BLS India in San Francisco, PP help line last friday for 5 hrs, 2hrs (Still going) today and no one picked the phone yet. I will call Indian embassy (General line) and see if I can reach them today afternoon.

    I don’t know what it takes to get this issue resolved, and How long will it take,

    I see 2 choices:
    1) Go to San Francisco Indian Embassy and go thro Miscellaneous services and see if they can help by adding a new lamination. If this works will be very helpful and my travel plan is SAFE.

    2) Will they ask me to apply for new passport?. Then it takes ~ 1+ month and my whole travel is jeopardized.

    I see many experts in this blog and would like to get your feedback what can be done.

    Best Regards

  164. sandeep gupta Says:


    I am an Indian resident and hold Indian passport. Currently I am working in US on H1B. I have US stamped Visa valid until Sep,2016 which has my photograph as well.

    The thing is main photograph on the passport got washed away.

    Do I need to take any precautions while visiting to India? I am planning a two week visit in August.

    Do I need to apply for a new passport?? If yes, can I do it in USA??
    Do I need to visit the consulate or can do it via mail??

    What all documents would be required??

    If not in US, how much time would it take in India to get a duplicate one??

  165. Rishi Says:


    Fisrt of all thanks a lot for starting this blog thread.

    I am a F1 visa student I need to apply for OPT but my passport is water damaged.

    My photo got smeared and with some small black stains on front and back page of passport apart from that all data is same and readable.

    I know i have to reapply for passport but I don’t know where to check my visa is still valid or not?

    If in case my visa is invalid and i would have to go back to India.
    Will that be a problem for getting new visa as i have completed required courses?

  166. Rishi Says:


    Fisrt of all thanks a lot for starting this blog thread.

    I am a F1 visa student I need to apply for OPT but my passport is water damaged.

    My photo got smeared and with some small black stains on front and back page of passport apart from that all data is same and readable.

    I know i have to reapply for passport but I don’t know where to check my visa is still valid or not?

    If in case my visa is invalid and i would have to go back to India.
    Will that be a problem for getting new visa as i have completed required courses?

  167. Rishi Says:


    Fisrt of all thanks a lot for starting this blog thread.

    I am a F1 visa student I need to apply for OPT but my passport is water damaged.

    My photo got smeared and with some small black stains on front and back page of passport apart from that all data is same and readable.

    I know i have to reapply for passport but I don’t know where to check my visa is still valid or not?

    If in case my visa is invalid and i would have to go back to India.
    Will that be a problem for getting new visa as i have completed required courses?

  168. rahul Says:

    I am f1 student currently pursuing my masters.
    Unfortunately my passport has been damaged(not beyond recognization)
    and i am planning to apply one very soon.I changed my
    school after first semester. So will it be a problem for
    me if go to visa. i will be graduating next december so
    planning to go india in may.So what are my chances
    of visa rejection?? If i dont go india will it be a problem
    to join opt or H1…..please help me with best solution

    thank you.

  169. ramandeep Says:

    ink on my passpot is faid can i get the visa to dubai

  170. rinkle Says:

    hi … i m at sandiego and i lost my bag which had my passport along with my daughters and my husbands passport too … i m going sanfracisco on this friday and unfortunately sat-sun-monday is a long weekend … what i wanted to know is that is there any way where i can get my new passport or emergency document to travel india … as i will b having only one day as my ticket back to india is for wednesday …plz help

  171. rinkle Says:

    i have lost my indian passport .. sorry forgot to mention that

  172. Ninad Says:

    Hello there, I have come on a student visa In Victoria, bc in canada and my passport got wet here because of the sudden rainfall. Although My photo is blured, the rest of the details are Not damaged and the outer cover has been detached to the paper inside, also the immigration stamp from vancouver immigration is washed off little bit. suggests me something friends, m really worried about it

  173. Samrat Says:

    Hello Friends,

    A very small portion of my passport cover page edge got slightly loose and came off little bit along side height. Rest all look perfect including visa,lamination. I have 2 more weeks to go to India from US. Also I have to get visa stamping on 7th April,2017 at US Consulate, Kolkata. My concern, will it be an issue in my return to US?

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